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Renting Conditions

Drivers should be minimum 25 years old and must hold a valid driver's licence.

Rental Period
Minimum rental period can't be less then two days. Vehicles are rented on daily, 24-hours  based on your pick-up time. There's 59 minutes time granted for returns after that hourly charges may apply. Delays run more than 3 hours may apply a full day charge.
Prices including free mileage, additional driver and %18 VAT. Fuel costs are belongs to the costumer.

Payment and Deposit
Total rental cost should be paid at least at the pick up time and we don't charge ACTIVE Rent a Car customers any deposit.

CDW is included in our prices. ACTIVE Rent a Car provides you, the renter and authorized drivers with a way to minimize or eliminate your responsibility for loss or damage to the rental vehicle through the purchase of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) However, if the car is  driven by unauthorized person, and/or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if the traffic report is not submitted without moving the car from the place of accident, Collision Damage Waiver is considered void.
Personal Accident Insurance
PAI protects you in the event of accidental death or bodily injury for the duration of the rental. This type of insurance is not included to the total price. If you want this type of insurance you need to pay 10 Euro per Person (Only once)

Pick-up and Drop Off
If your reservation request has been confirmed by ACTIVE Rent a Car that means you will be welcome at the delivery place you mentioned on time. Drivers must bring copies of the driving licence and passport copy with them. Delivery service to/from the airport is free, apart from there has extra cost depence to the distance will be provided.

Traffic Fines
The hirer acknowledges that any traffic fine will be declared by Traffic Officers during rental period  will be paid by him.

Here you can find some answers to your questions about your reservation.
What should I do if someone else damaged my car ?
You shall drive your car carefully for your and environmental safety but sometiomes there could be damages made by others to your car. In such case you are supposed to:
• Call the police (155) and must take a report approved by police then you should take one copy of the other driver's insurance documents, driving licence and ID card.
• The driver shall not operate the vehicle or allow it to be operated in circumstances that constitute an offence against any traffic violation and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• To be able to ask for right to insurance agency documents explained above should be prepared.

Can I take any compensation for damaged car ?
One of the situations experienced often in motor insurance and which causes the insured to experience difficulties is the compensation demands regards to the vehicle with more than just one occurrence of damage. The insured person who previously had even minor accidents on various dates but did not inform the insurance company about the damage may face negative results when they ask to compensate this damage cumulatively.
There is a certain period within which the insurance company must be informed. This period is clearly stated in the General Conditions of Motor Insurance. According to the General Conditions, it is mandatory that any damage be notified to the insurance company no later than 5 days after discovery. Damages that are not duly notified and whose file is not opened within this period are not assessed since liability to inform has not been fulfilled and damage claim payments are rejected.
Due to the above reasons, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the damage informing periods. However, if more than one occurrence of damage in different places at different times is repaired, the cost of damage may increase significantly. Should the first instance of damage be notified to us in a timely manner, and if it is ensured that the damage can be compensated, the compensation cost of the parts or labor with regards to the repairing of the vehicle will be less than the amount to be calculated after the last occurrence of damage. Since the insurance company incurs an unfair cost, costs for damage demanded cumulatively are rejected and only the last instance of damage is paid for as long as it is notified within the period of notice.
The insured person who do not give damage notice in time and ask for cumulative compensation shall be considered unfair by the insurance firms and will not receive claim payment." In order not to experience such negative outcomes, pay attention to notify damage notice to your insurance company within 5 days.

What Should I do if I had an accident?
Knowing the things to do in case of an accident ensures both not experiencing difficulty and getting your claim payment fully and on time. Things that you should do in case of an accident are as follows: The traffic police officer should be called to the place of the accident without changing the location of the vehicle, an incident report should be prepared and an alcohol report should be taken. If the place of the accident is within the boundaries of gendarme, you should testify by informing the gendarme office and you should have the witness report prepared. If another vehicle is involved in the accident, you should get a copy of the traffic policy of that vehicle and the driver’s license as well as the copy of the registration. If the vehicle is not working, you should call our firm for a tow truck and have your vehicle towed to the nearest service. You should prepare the below mentioned documents required for the damage file and hand them over to the related service.
•Traffic accident report,
•Alcohol report of the driver,
•Copy of the driver’s license,
•Copy of the vehicle’s registration,
•Photos from the place of accident and damage photos of the vehicles (particularly for one party accidents, this must be present).

What should I do if my car crashed by someone when parked?
According to our experiences this is the most common type of damages. Many people have no idea what to do in such occasion and as a result of this they couldn't ask for any right about insurance. Please be careful in such case and follow the instructions what to do.
• If people hit your car is by you, you should learn that has he had his car covered or not. If yes, ask for copies of his hull risk policy documents.
• Do not move the car until policeman comes around and make a report of the accident. Ask police to specify that the oppenent was incorrect. To be able to ask for compensation report should state that the oppenent was incorrect.
• If you couldn't see who damaged your car, you're supposed give us a call to +90 530 224 75 75  and inform us about damages.
What should I do if my car is stolen ?
Auto theft has been the most frequently encountered case nowadays. Here are the steps in the event of theft you should take;
• Whenever you realize your car is stolen you should report is as quick as possible to the nearest police station and inform us about the case. You are supposed to contact us aswell in order to get informed about it and immediately start the process.
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